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Solvent aerosol Degreasing aerosol Cleaning aerosol Stripper aerosol Lubricant aerosol Technical grease aerosol Cutting oil aerosol Cutting fluid aerosol Disinfectant aerosol Galvanising aerosol Release agent aerosol Silicone lubricant aerosol Welding anti-adherent aerosol Penetrating fluid aerosol Mounting paste aerosol Anti-corrosion aerosol


TECHNICAL AEROSOLS for maintenance
Industrial processes and production
Solvents eco-solvents degreasing and cleaning agents
Strippers detergents disinfectants
Lubricants technical greases cutting fluids
Anti-corrosion protection cold galvanising
Penetrating fluids demoulding agents anti-adhesives silicones

iBiotec manages the entire aerosol production chain, from design to trials, performance testing, manufacture, packaging and marketing.

iBiotec is the only European company that packages its own aerosols. It possesses a patented CO2 technology enabling it to offer aerosols with twice as many active ingredients as a conventional aerosol packaged using butane or propane.

iBiotec offers the most extensive range of aerosols for industrial purposes, with technical aerosol products for maintenance and production in all industries.

iBiotec also offers customised packaging of aerosols with distributor or manufacturer's branding. 

iBiotec offers products lines specifically designed for the plastics, food processing (NSF accredited), iron and steel, and mechanical engineering industries.


Penetrating aerosols 

Lubricating aerosols 

Greasing aerosols 

Silicone aerosols 

Anti-corrosion protection aerosols 

Galvanising aerosols 

Demoulding aerosols 

Anti-adherent aerosols 

Degreasing aerosols 

Cleaning aerosols 

Stripping aerosols



Customised packaging of aerosols

Sold by box, small or large production runs. Distributor or manufacturer's branding possible from 504 units.